About Maa Katyaani Manav Utthhan Sewa Samiti

Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti the Education Trust is a nonprofit educational organization that promotes education to poor. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti has a simple aim, it is to help children, young people and Students in Bihar to get a good education. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti has been working to improve education.

Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti is a national organization that endeavors in the field of Literature and Culture, educating the young and making them aware of the beauty of literature that is lost in rarely read printed materials. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti aims at opening the path to cultural lands, sowing seeds of the country's rich heritage in hearts of our youth. Educating them, not making them mere literals: able to only read and write, but to educate them, to impart them knowledge and reason. Human beings learn and grow, they have the ability to imbibe knowledge and make it productive. Therefore it is imperative that we act in the right direction to reach our full potential.

In the world where culture is known as the accumulation of worldly assets, it is required of us to not let it entirely fade away. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti is formed to improve the system of education for the deprived and dejected children and youth.

To unleash our powers for the betterment of the world around us is our main objective in life. To establish world brotherhood is our fundamental purpose of Indian culture. As mentioned in Rig-Veda, "All become happy, all become healthy. All become friendly nobody feels uneasy".

No life without education; No education without values; No values without culture. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti focuses on developing real education, literature and culture with various extra co-curricular activities; bringing the unprivileged children to main stream education system, and making them a respectable part of the Indian society. Let us all work together to make this world a better place.

Our Vision :

Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti's vision is to establish an empire purely based on Educational, literary and cultural values. In times of materialism and westernisation, it is imperative that we expose our children to the ancient times, when education had values. Today education system is a petty mean to achieve a mere literacy rate, and a business for the people behind the pillars. We are working every day to achieve great heights, and we wish for your support. Have a career with us, and be a part of our endeavor. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti has a vision to erect those pillars on cultural, social, and moral grounds.

Our Mission. :

Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti aims at educating the children in a rightful manner. Today, when education is merely associated with getting a degree, Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti wants to make sure that it doesn't remain confined to bookish-knowledge that is forgotten as soon as a student steps out from a class. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti has a mission to spread the light of knowledge in the darkness of ignorance. Today's generation is running after materialism leaving behind values. We want student enrich their knowledge in all aspects, not just mugging chapters. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti believes it's not only about literacy but also about reforming students completely so that they can become responsible citizens of the nation.

By creating awareness, by inculcating moral values, by making them respect everyone and treat everyone as their equals. Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti aims at excelling students not only in Mathematics and Science but also in morals, values and culture. also focuses on environment and ecosystem, as the population of the country is rapidly increasing, it has become our fundamental responsibility to keep our environment clean. Hence, we teach students civic sense, and inculcate such habits in them.

Our mission is to work together for the overall development of children and thus an overall development of the society. Hence, Maa Katyaani Manav Uthan Seva Samiti believes in teaching the children choose the path of creativity and kindness and to make them contemplative and considerate. We abstain from any kind of superstition, and make sure that our kids don't get under its influence and waver from their paths. We believe the process of healthy learning is through cultural activities and programmes, and we make sure we provide that to our students.


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